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Storage spaces
Spend time organizing and cleaning your storage spaces. This includes the attic, garage and basement where we do not usually spend a lot of time. You may find signs of overwintering pests such as droppings from rodents or abandoned spider webs. These are signs that your home has not been properly pest proofed. But with a thorough cleaning and proper storing of your belongings, you will be on your way to pest free storage spaces.

A spring cleaning is a good time to eliminate unused items and then properly store those things you do want to keep in plastic bins with lids so that you are protected from any critters or moisture that could cause mold and attract unwanted house-guests.   Also, by eliminating the stacks of papers, cardboard and other everyday items that tend to pile up, you will be eliminating a hiding spots for pests.
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The kitchen is another great place to focus your spring cleaning energies. Because most pests are after food and our kitchens are full of it, this is a place that must be cleaned and pest proofed. Throw on your washing gloves and prepare for a major overhaul of the kitchen! 
Pull out the stove, refrigerator and other appliances and give them a good scrubbing.  This will remove any built up grease and take care of food debris. Also, go ahead and empty your cupboards and pantry and give them a good wipe down. This will not only remove any crumbs but you will be able to check your shelf food for any signs of pantry pests or other critters that may be trying to steal some snacks. Be sure that any food that is open is stored in containers with tight fitting lids so that you donít find a bug in your next bowl of cereal or snack.

Windows and doors
Check to be sure that all windows are properly equipped with screens. Look for any holes or tears in the screens that could be an opening for any small insects to sneak inside. Also, if you are switching out the storm door for a screen door, check those screens as well. Most pests get inside from holes, cracks, or other openings so it is very important that you try to eliminate opportunities for entry. Aside from a deep clean of the major areas that will attract pests in your home, a general cleaning of the entire house a good idea to keep the bugs out. Organizing and de-cluttering is the best way to make sure that no pests are lingering and also to prevent any new ones from getting in.
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